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Overview Mapname sorted ascending Requires Type Players Rating Download
256x256 Badlands Blue Cross StarCraft Melee allied 4 - (4)Blue Cross.scm (80.3kB)
256x256 Ice Cold Cross Brood War Melee allied 4 - (4)Cold Cross.scx (103.6kB)
128x128 Ice Cold Surprise Brood War Melee allied 4 - (4)Cold Surprise.scx (40.1kB)
128x96 Twilight Dark Water Brood War Melee allied 4 - (4)Dark Water.scx (37.8kB)
128x128 Ash Darkside of the moon StarCraft Melee 2 - (2)Darkside of the moon.scm (39.9kB)
96x64 Desert Desert Wind Brood War Melee 2 - (2)Desert Wind.scx (30.5kB)
128x96 Ash Fire Tunnel StarCraft Melee 2 - (2)Fire Tunnel.scm (35.9kB)
128x256 Jungle Forest Run StarCraft Melee 2 - (2)Forest Run.scm (56.0kB)
64x64 Ice Free Me Brood War Melee allied 4 - (4)Free Me.scx (27.3kB)
128x128 Ash Lava-Pit StarCraft Melee allied 4 - (4)Lava-Pit.scm (41.7kB)
192x128 Desert Lost Medic Brood War Melee allied 4 - (4)Lost Medic.scx (48.4kB)
96x96 Ash Magma Secret StarCraft Melee 2 - (2)Magma Secret.scm (32.7kB)
96x64 Twilight PSI-Factor Brood War Melee 2 - (2)PSI-Factor.scx (29.7kB)
128x128 Desert Sandy Crust Brood War Melee 3 - (3)Sandy Crust.scx (43.6kB)
96x96 Space Star Crash StarCraft Melee allied 4 - (4)Star Crash.scm (30.4kB)
128x128 Desert Teardrop Brood War Melee allied 6 - (6)Teardrop.scx (40.5kB)
128x64 Ice Up and Down Brood War Melee 2 - (2)Up and Down.scx (31.4kB)
128x96 Badlands Zerg Claw StarCraft Melee allied 4 - (4)Zerg Claw.scm (38.1kB)