The alien side of games


This personal web site is completely unofficial (details).

This site contains information and material for the games StarCraft and Warhammer 40k. In both games I prefer playing the bug-like aliens.


2007-11-25: Still alive

Sorry, but I spend nearly all of my free time with my family (take a look at my twins (german)).

At least there are some small updates.

2006-08-24: Back again

I am back from my vacation and have just fixed some tiny quirks in some files.

The construction of my Warhammer 40k army takes all my free time by now and there will be some pictures online in the next few days.

2006-06-11: Maps added

I added the maps Fire Tunnel and Dark Water.

2006-05-25: Layout changes

The layout was changed a bit, there is a links section now and I also added a sidebar for newest and best SCuMs.

2006-05-19: Restart

Finally after several years it's done. This webpage is relaunched and will hopefully be a lot more up to date.